Announcing the Hanna S. Cohn Family Preparedness Clinics

Through the support of the Hanna S. Cohn and Samuel A. Cohn Memorial Foundation, Hanna S. Cohn Memorial Fund, and Hanna's extended family, WJCNY is able to provide vital Family Preparedness Clinics to hundreds of working families in western New York. 

The Family Preparedness Clinics were created in response to the immigrant community’s fears that American-born children may end up in the foster care system should a family member or loved one be detained or deported. With fear and risk ever increasing for undocumented families, immigrants need to be legally prepared in case they are targeted.   

This fear isn’t unfounded. According to research by Human Rights Watch, separated children experience sleepless nights, difficulties in concentrating, sudden mood shifts, and constant anxiety, conditions they said began after separation from family members. Separation from caregivers can cause PTSD, anxiety, depression and a lower IQ later in life, among other psychological and physiological problems. 

The Clinics

During our Family Preparedness Clinics, we provide a Know Your Rights Training, so that participants will be able to advocate for themselves if they are targeted by ICE. Volunteers screen families and individuals for immigration remedies such as DACA, Visas U or T, and employment matters.  Medical marketing enrollers also assist families obtain medical insurance for children.

We help immigrants fill out the following forms: 

  • Family Preparedness Clinic Registration- Bilingual 
  • Immigration Screening Form-Bilingual 
  • Parental Designation Form- Bilingual 
  • Revocation of Parental Designation Form- Bilingual 
  • Parental Permission for Child to Travel Form-Bilingual 
  • Supplemental Child Information Form- Bilingual 
  • Power of Attorney Form- English 
  • Power of Attorney Form-Bilingual-Only for Volunteers 
  • Authorization to Pick up Paycheck- Bilingual 
  • Passport Statement of Consent for Minors 

If you know someone who would benefit from these clinics, please contact WJCNY at [email protected] or 585-325-3050 for more information.

About Hanna

Hanna S. Cohn was, in the words of the late U.S. District Court Judge Michael Telesca, “a drum major for justice . . . who devoted her life to those in need.”  For twenty years she was the Executive Director of Volunteer Legal Services Project in Rochester and a national leader in providing pro bono services to low-income individuals .  Her exceptional efforts to develop innovative programming to reach out and represent impacted communities, including survivors of intimate partner violence and people living with AIDS, were recognized by the larger advocacy community. 

She received the Root\Stimson Award for outstanding volunteer service to the community from the New York State Bar Association, the Executive Director of the Year award from the United Way of Greater Rochester, and the Equality and Justice Award from the Genesee Valley Chapter of the New York Civil Liberties Union.  In addition, she received the President’s Award from both the Greater Rochester Association for Women Attorneys’ and the Monroe County Bar Association.

Hanna’s family is proud to partner with WJCNY to honor her memory and continue her work through the Hanna S. Cohn Family Preparedness Clinics.