Time and again, we find that our state and federal laws simply don’t go far enough to ensure workers are paid fairly and treated equitably, with dignity and respect, regardless of immigration status. Our advocacy work addresses the root causes of workplace injustice by advancing public policies that strengthen legal rights and protections for workers, with a focus on immigrant communities and farmworkers. WJCNY partners with directly impacted communities and advocates to improve wages, enhance labor law enforcement, safeguard workers’ heath, reform our immigration system, and expand access to unemployment assistance and other critical services.

At WJCNY, we recognize that the most powerful and effective social change work is led by those most directly impacted by systemic injustice. Through leadership programming, we help workers develop fundamental skills and identify avenues for taking action on the issues that affect their lives. We also work collaboratively with community-based and member-led organizations to build strong statewide coalitions that center the voices and leadership of immigrant workers.


















Download a PDF version of our 2023 NYS Budget & Legislative Priorities. 

Major Victories!


The New York State Commissioner of Labor issued a formal decision to lower the overtime pay threshold for farmworkers from 60 hours/week to 40/hours a week over a ten-year period. 


The creation of New York State's Excluded Workers Fund provided $2.1 billion in pandemic aid to excluded workers across the state. As part of the Fund Excluded Workers Coalition, we continue to fight for a permanent expansion of our state's unemployment safety Net. 

The passage of the New York Hero Act protects private sector employees against exposure and disease during a future airborne infectious disease outbreak and requires employers with 10 or more employees to recogize and participate in Workplace Safety Committees. Download our NY HERO Training Guide here.  


The passage of the Driver's License Access & Privacy Act, better known as the "Green Light" law, restores access to driver's licenses for all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status. Access our Green Light implementation toolkits in English and Spanish!

The Farm Laborer's Fair Labor Practices Act significantly expands labor protections for New York farmworkers, granting them the right to a day of rest, overtime pay, and collectively bargain. Access our Know Your Rights Materials for Farmworkers in English and Spanish