Outreach & Education

Outreach and education lie at the heart of WJCNY’s work. Each year, our advocates reach thousands of workers on farms and in communities throughout the Hudson Valley and Upstate New York, providing essential information and training to workers who are otherwise largely isolated from service providers and access to legal assistance. Our team trains workers on a variety of topics related to workplace health and safety, labor protections, and immigrant rights. 

Currently, WJCNY is funded by the New York State Department of Labor's Hazard Abatement Board to provide pesticide safety training to farmworkers, in addition to other workplace safety topics to educate those employed in agriculture and related industries about their right to a safe and healthy workplace. Our outreach and education programs bring WJCNY into regular contact with directly impacted communities, which has allowed us to build trust and earn recognition as a reliable resource for workers across the state. If you are interested in scheduling a training, please contact Emma Kreyche at [email protected].


Download our 2020 Guide to Agricultural Workers' Rights in New York State





Guide to Agricultural Workers' Rights - Spanish