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WJCNY provides free legal assistance to individuals and groups in matters affecting the rights of agricultural and other low-wage workers. Our staff of experienced attorneys, paralegals, case managers and advocates work together to address the critical legal needs of our clients and their communities through three interrelated methods: affirmative litigation, direct immigration legal assistance, and survivor support services.

Our litigation program prioritizes high impact, collective and class action cases. It builds on decades of success in achieving justice for victims of wage theft, illegal discrimination, civil rights violations and other workplace abuses throughout New York State. Our offices have represented literally thousands of low-wage workers across industries such as agriculture, construction, food and service, and domestic work and recovered over $10 million in unpaid wages on behalf of our clients. We have taken on groundbreaking cases in areas such as human trafficking where we have created new legal standards that are used by practitioners to assert the rights of marginalized worker populations.

WJCNY’s nationally recognized specialists work throughout New York State to identify human trafficking and help survivors to access services to regain their lives. WJCNY is a core participant in the Western New York Human Trafficking Task Force, the first of its kind, assisting federal agencies with the investigation of cases and the development of strategies and protocols which have shaped the approach of government in addressing human trafficking. We also offer comprehensive case management services to ensure that trafficking survivors’ basic needs are met in a culturally-competent, survivor-centered and trauma-informed way as our clients move through legal processes.

Our immigration legal assistance program provides high quality representation to low-income immigrants in a range of administrative proceedings to prevent deportation, obtain legal status and employment authorization, and promote family unification. This work is critical to protecting the immediate safety and well being of the predominantly immigrant, low-wage workforce that we serve. Our immigration practice specializes in assisting survivors of labor trafficking, sexual abuse, and domestic violence, particularly farmworker women. In such cases, our immigration attorneys work closely with our team of case managers to ensure our clients are able to access appropriate support services as well as the courts.

If you or someone you know is in need of legal assistance, please contact us via phone to set up a consultation or get a referral.