COVID-19 Update from WJCNY

Worker Justice Center of New York believes the health and safety of every worker is paramount.

That’s why we’ve decided to take some precautions. In response to Covid-19, in order to prioritize the safety and health of our team and the workers we serve, WJCNY will be temporarily closing our offices and our staff will be working remotely. We may not be in our office, but we’re not going anywhere. Our staff will continue to fight for worker rights, especially as low wage workers are disproportionately impacted by the virus.


Emergencies like this only highlight the stark contrast between the rights of workers in different sectors. The realities of school closures, lack of access to remote work for many industries, insufficient sick time, and economic downturn in service industries will be felt most by vulnerable workers in low wage roles.

Additionally, the racial and xenophobic language used to describe the virus and its risks by many in national leadership roles, continues to place hard working immigrant communities at risk of violence. In uncertain times, we must continue to push for the safety and dignity of every worker.

WJCNY will be communicating frequently in the coming weeks to keep you and our partners informed. While the woefully inadequate actions of the Trump administration continue to put worker’s health at risk, you and I can come together in our communities to say we will not allow race, poverty, immigration status, or any other factor to dictate the safety of our community members.

While some of our in-person clinics, trainings, and events are postponed, our fight for worker rights won’t be. Please take care.

In Solidarity,

Lauren Deutsch, Esq.

Executive Director