2018 Harvest Festival

Celebrate the workers that make NYS great!

On behalf of The Finger Lakes Coalition of Farmworker Serving Agencies, we are inviting you to support our third Harvest Festival in Sodus, NY. This will be a great opportunity to honor our farmworker community and share a beautiful day with the people who plant and harvest our food. The event will feature cuisines of Mexico and Jamaica, soccer & dominoes tournaments, music and dancing, and presentations on topics of interest to farmworkers. There will also be resources and representatives available from various agencies.  

We have created this Harvest Festival to celebrate the farmworkers who make the New York agriculture industry one of the largest in the country. The broad goal of the festival is to provide a space for recreation and networking amongst agricultural workers, where they can socialize and connect over issues of importance to them, as well as to familiarize workers with various organizations and their services. In previous years, this event has been very successful, with a presence of about 300 workers attending.  In order to provide refreshments, transportation, children's activities, entertainment and other logistics, we are asking for your support.


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