WJCNY Legal Victory Recoups $900,000 in Unpaid Wages for Former Mt. Kisco Diner Employees

WJCNY has won a major legal victory, securing $900,000 in unpaid wages for former employees of the Mt. Kisco Diner.

On top of the wages owed, the diner will owe 10 percent interest which has accrued since March 10. 

“This case should send a clear message that exploiting workers is not only unjust, but also a losing business proposition,” said Maureen Hussain, WJCNY labor and employment attorney.

“Mt. Kisco Diner’s owners are now required to get anti-discrimination training and allow periodic inspections of their records by the Worker Justice Center of New York,” Hussain added. “Our clients hope this will help ensure the company changes its practices and treats its employees fairly.”

WJCNY filed the class action labor violations lawsuit against Mt. Kisco Diner’s owners in April. According to the lawsuit, the diner’s owners violated the minimum wage, overtime, tip credit and unlawful deductions provisions of the federal Fair Labor Stands Act

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This victory was possible because of the generosity of our supporters and grants from The New York Bar Foundation and the Westchester Community Foundation.