WJCNY responds to announcement of executive action on immigration

The Worker Justice Center of New York welcomes President Obama’s announcement of temporary administrative relief for millions of undocumented immigrants. The plan, which aims to prevent deportation of immigrants whose children are US citizens or legal permanent residents, will benefit thousands of New Yorkers who will no longer have to live in fear of family separation. The president will also loosen eligibility requirements for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), although the parents of  many DACA participants will not qualify for relief.

WJCNY see the president’s executive action as a positive step forward in the fight for immigrant justice. President Obama’s decision to take action on immigration demonstrates the power of the immigrant rights movement to affect substantive policy change. WJCNY will continue to advocate and organize alongside immigrant communities for an overhaul of our nation’s immigration system to achieve justice for the millions of people excluded from the president’s administrative reforms and for all future migrants.

Administrative relief is a stop-gap measure that does not provide legal permanent residency or a pathway to citizenship, but does allow those eligible to obtain a work permit and avoid deportation. We are hopeful that these measures will slow the high rates of deportation that have characterized President Obama’s tenure in office. In the meantime, providing more immigrants with the opportunity to work legally in the US will help alleviate the fear that often prevents those without a work permit from speaking out against abuses on the job. We look forward to learning more about announced plans to strengthen immigration options for victims of crime and human trafficking, and to ensure greater protections for immigrant workers facing employer retaliation. As further details emerge regarding these changes to immigration policy, we commit to educating affected communities about their legal rights and the availability of potential immigration remedies.

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